Question 01:
      a.expend energy, enjoy groups or
      b.conserve energy, enjoy one-on-one
Question 02:
      a.more outgoing, think out loud or
      b.more reserved, think to yourself
Question 03: many tasks, public activities, interaction with others private, solitary activities with quiet to concentrate
Question 04:
      a.external, communicative, express yourself or
      b.internal, reticent, keep to yourself
Question 05:, initiate or
      b.reflective, deliberate
Question 06:
      a.interpret literally or
      b.look for meaning and possibilities
Question 07:
      a.practical, realistic, experiential or
      b.imaginative, innovative, theoretical
Question 08:
      a.standard, usual, conventional or
      b.different, novel, unique
Question 09:
      a.focus on here-and-now or
      b.look to the future, global perspective, “big picture”
Question 10:
      a.facts, things, “what is” or
      b.ideas, dreams, “what could be,” philosophical
Question 11:
      a.logical, thinking, questioning or
      b.empathetic, feeling, accommodating
Question 12:
      a.candid, straight forward, frank or
      b.tactful, kind, encouraging
Question 13:
      a.firm, tend to criticize, hold the line or
      b.gentle, tend to appreciate, conciliate
Question 14:
      a.tough-minded, just or
      b.tender-hearted, merciful
Question 15:
      a.matter of fact, issue-oriented or
      b.sensitive, people-oriented, compassionate
Question 16:
      a.organized, orderly or
      b.flexible, adaptable
Question 17:
      a.plan, schedule or
      b.unplanned, spontaneous
Question 18:
      a.regulated, structured or
      b.easygoing, “live” and “let live”
Question 19:
      a.preparation, plan ahead or
      b.go with the flow, adapt as you go
Question 20:
      a.control, govern or
      b.latitude, freedom